The exciting world of HomeLink home exchange: much more than free accommodation!

Exchange Homes

The pleasure of real home-from-home exchange holidays almost anywhere in the world and all RENT FREE. Swap your home or holiday home with another member - you stay in their home whilst they stay in yours.
Visit places you never thought you could afford. Whether your stay is for two weeks or two months, the cost is the same.
Relax, secure in the knowledge that your home is being looked after by caring guests. Be a guest rather than a tourist in another country. Visit friends or relatives abroad without being a burden on them. Spend time in a potential retirement area before making a long-term commitment.

Savings Too

No hotel bills, no apartment rent to pay. Spend your holiday budget on other things. Enjoy the local restaurants and take in special sightseeing tours. Your accommodation is FREE when you swap your home.
Swap cars, if agreed. Imagine - no car hire costs!

More Advantages

Exchanging homes gives you a base with all the comforts of a home - and a far better holiday. Many members offer country club and sports club facilities, also motor homes. Some exchange for long periods. You could arrange a two-week stay in each of three different places. Home Exchange members are friendly, outgoing, relaxed people who enjoy exploring both popular destinations and places off the beaten track.

Help where you need it

HomeLink Home Exchange is by far the largest home exchange organisation in the world. Our professional organisers worldwide are experienced and understanding and are right there to help you. A wide choice and our personal service keep members coming back to us year after year.
Your listing will appear on our web site within 24hrs of receipt of your application for membership. You receive a Membership Number and Password which gives you access to the Members Area of our web site. You are now free to search the online database and contact as many members as possible


You receive a personal Membership Number so that only registered bona fide HomeLink Home Exchange members use the web site. As guests in each other's homes, both exchange partners enjoy that special bond of mutual respect and trust which the situation generates. Through email and phone calls, you have become friends before you set off. Sometimes it is possible to arrange to meet for a day at the start of an exchange. It is advisable to pack away fragile and precious items. Leave instructions to help visitors use and look after your home.


HomeLink Home exchange is responsible. By adopting home exchange as your travel choice, you are contributing to sustainable and ethical tourism.

Connecting people and making friends

Beyond the "jet set" lifestyle of frequent holidays to amazing homes and places, are the friendships forged and sense of connection of being part of the unique global community of HomeLink Home Exchange.

Have you prepared? Tips for a successful exchange

1. Exchange Home Description
How accurately have you described your home in your listing online and in subsequent correspondence?

2. Cleanliness
Does your home meet the HomeLink Home Exchange standards of cleanliness (floors cleaned, refrigerator emptied, oven and stove-top grease free, bath and shower free of mould and grime, windows see-through, and surfaces dust free)?

3. Space for their belongings
Have you left space on the shelves, in wardrobes and drawers, allowing your exchangers to arrange their things in bedrooms and bathrooms?

4. Bed and Bath Linen
Have you left sufficient linen for your exchange partners to use during their stay (at least two sets of clean sheets per bed and two sets of clean towels per person?) Do they know where to find them?

5. Home Guide
Have you compile a clear, useful guide to your home and surroundings (including local tourist information, instructions for household and electrical appliances, pet and plant care instructions, where a spare key can be found, phone numbers of recommended doctor, dentist, babysitter, restaurants, helpful friends, etc.)?

6. Home Exchange Agreement
Have you respected the Exchange Agreement Form that was signed by both parties prior to the exchange?

7. A Warm Welcome
If you are not greeting your exchangers personally, have you organized a warm welcome for them. Perhaps a family member, neighbour, friend, to welcome them upon their arrival in your home?

8. Welcome Meal
Have you left a meal or the makings of a first meal for your Home exchangers arrival?

9. Welcome Gift
Have you arranged to leave a small gift of welcome for your Home exchangers?

10. Upon your leaving your exchangers home
Ensure you leave the home, clean, neat and tidy, in keeping with the HomeLink Home Exchange standards of cleanliness (as described above in Question 2)?

Like to know more?

If home exchange is a new concept to you, or if you are considering joining HomeLink Home Exchange, no doubt you have many questions. Our Common Questions section answers the common queries of newcomers. If you would then like more information, please Contact Us, or phone us on +353 1 8462598