About HomeLink
Worldwide Network - Local Support

Unlike most home exchange organizations, HomeLink has 27 multi-lingual representatives around the world. Ready to assist you in your native language, HomeLink representatives are available for advice and support before, during and after each home exchange.

Since 1953, HomeLink has defended the true values of home exchange: mutual trust, respect, open-mindedness, and a genuine interest in other cultures and people. Home exchange has evolved with HomeLink for over 60 years – from a simple idea launched by a professor in New York, to the largest worldwide network of active, reliable, exchangers in existence today.


HomeLink is a “people's” network, uniquely comprised of paying members. Dynamic, trustworthy and responsive, all HomeLink members have invested to be part of our worldwide network of shared values and lifestyles. They invite you to benefit from the comforts of their home, enjoy their surroundings, and discover their culture. With HomeLink, you can exchange your home in all confidence and simplicity.